Pitchfork Brewing Irregular Series Beer Release

Thursday September 21st Pitchfork Brewing will be releasing the first of three new beers from the Pitchfork Irregular Series. We have a single keg of Barndoor Brown Ale infused with Smoked Hickory Syrup and Bacon. I know we had you at Bacon, stop in and give a try, we tap it at 3pm in our Taproom. On Thursday October 5th, the second release will be Barndoor Brown Ale Infused with Mesquite Wood chips soaked in Hudson Wisconsin’s Demon Spiced Rum, Arr Matey. On Thursday October 19th, the third release will be Barndoor Brown Ale Infused with Cherry Wood chips soaked in New Richmond Wisconsin’s 45th Parallel New Richmond Rye Whiskey, tart cherries, and orange zest. What? an Old Fashion Brown Ale in Wisconsin, sounds about right. Mark your calendars and don’t miss these special beers, they are all single keg batches and go fast once tapped. Cheers.

Pitchfork Brewing Company