In the Tap Room.

Smash IPA   Single Malt, Single Hop.  Rahr pale ale malt and Chinook whole cone hops. Hop forward with pine and citrus characteristics. 

4.3 % ABV  85 IBUs

Czech Pilsner  A recipe using European pilsner malt and Saaz hop from St. Croix Valley Hops.  This Pilsner is light  bodied with a floral hop aroma.

5.5 % ABV 45 IBUs

Barndoor Brown Ale     English brown ale made with crisp Marris Otter base grain and East Kent Golding Hops. Malt nose start with warm roast finish.   

5.8% ABV   25 IBUs                   

Outwitted   Pitchfork Brewing original recipe that is named for being outside a typical “wit” style in both ABV and hop character. Balanced orange peel and coriander tones along with a Belgian wheat strain of yeast create a one of a kind finish.                                     

5.5 % ABV 35 IBUs              

Scotch Ale Malt forward beer brewed with Crisp Marris Otter base malt and English hop. Small of roast and pleasant finish. 

7.3% ABV  32 IBUs                       

Over the Moooon Milk Stout  A dark ale with moderately roasted body brewed with lactose sugar for sweetness creating a sweet expresso flavor.   

5.7% ABV  35 IBUs   

Schwarzbier    Schwarzbier, or black beer, is a dark lager made with all German malts and whole cone hops. An opaque, black color beer with hints of chocolate, coffee, and roasted malt flavors. This “black beer” offers a lot of flavor without being too heavy.    

4.7% ABV 30 IBUs   

Fallow Ground Black IPA       Hopped like an IPA with a pronounced roasted malty backbone, dry hopped with chinook hops.    

5.5% ABV  123 IBUs  

Sand Creek  Hard Lemonade    Made with real fruit juices and real sugar, this Hard Lemonade is a deliciously refreshing citrus concoction. If you like hard lemonade, you'll love Sand Creek!  

ABV: 5.5  IBU: 1   


 Every Thursday We Tap a New Pitchfork Firkin:

Pitchfork Firkin for this week is: Third Stall Pale Ale on Mango 4.7% ABV.


Pitchfork Taproom Hours

       Closed Monday         Tuesday  - Thursday 3:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Friday 3:00 PM to 10:00 PM  Saturday 12:00 PM to 10:00 PM

Sunday 11:30 AM - 7:30 PM    Tours at 2:00 PM Sundays(Call ahead.)



$12 - Growler Fills/Exchange

Barndoor Brown Ale


$14 - Growler Fills/Exchange

Scotch Ale

Fallow Ground Black IPA


Czech Pilsner

Smash Ipa

Over the Moooon Milk Stout